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Diagnostics of the pathology includes the study of the epidemiological situation, collection of complaints and anamnesis of the disease, serodiagnostics and virological examination of nasopharyngeal discharge.

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Characteristic epidemiological history; A combination of intoxication, symptoms of inflammation of the nasopharynx and the mucous membrane of the eyes; Undulating current; Exudative inflammation; Polyadenitis; Hepatolienal syndrome.

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Differential diagnosis of casino online infection should be done with influenza. A distinctive feature of the latter is the predominance of symptoms of intoxication over catarrhal phenomena. With flu, hepatosplenomegaly, lymphadenitis, and nasal breathing are also absent. It is possible to accurately determine the etiology of the disease only with the help of laboratory diagnostics.


Enzyme immunoassay - detection of adenovirus antigen in the affected epithelial cells; The virological method consists in detecting adenoviruses in swabs from the nasopharynx, blood or feces; Serodiagnostics is a neutralization reaction, a compliment binding reaction.


Treatment of adenovirus infection consists in the use of antiviral casino, immunomodulators and immunostimulants, general and local antibiotics, casino to relieve symptoms. Features of the treatment of adenovirus infection in children.

The sequence of the onset of symptoms is of great importance for the diagnosis of pathology.
11 months ago
Casini slots online procedures - hardening, proper nutrition; Reception of herbal adaptogens - tinctures of Eleutherococcus, Schisandra, Echinacea; Periodic intake of vitamin and mineral complexes, and in the autumn-winter period - immunomodulating and immunostimulating drugs. Chlorination of water in swimming pools. Prevention of drafts and hypothermia, clothing for the weather. Reducing contacts during the epidemic season, excluding visits to large crowds.
Randy Smith
12 months ago
The main preventive measures are aimed at increasing the general resistance of the child's body and isolating sick children from an organized team.
Douglass Walker
12 months ago
After the isolation of the sick child from the children's team, the final disinfection is carried out in the room. The surrounding objects are treated with chlorine-containing solutions - chloramine or sulfochlorantin.
Kathryn Moore
10 months ago
Emergency prophylaxis is carried out in the outbreak by prescribing immunostimulants to contact children. If there is an epidemic outbreak of the disease, it is necessary to declare a quarantine to prevent the spread of infection. In an epidemic outbreak, medical personnel must wear masks and change them every three hours.

Adenovirus infection in children: symptoms and treatment. Important: the disease is characterized by seasonality, but individual cases are recorded Casino.


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Adenovirus is most often spread by airborne droplets. Contact and alimentary transmission of the pathogen is also possible. The clinical signs of the disease are varied, but most often there is a sore throat, runny nose and fever, that is, symptoms characteristic of ARVI. The disease can be quite difficult, especially in a small child (up to 3 years old) with a weak immune system.

When a child develops acute symptoms, it is imperative to consult a pediatrician. Self-medication can only harm the patient. With adenovirus infection, rather serious complications are not excluded.

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Please note: do not be surprised if a child was diagnosed with ARVI several times during the same autumn-winter season. This does not mean that he does not develop immunity. Diseases from the ARVI group can be caused by a wide variety of pathogens, and the acquisition of immunity to one of the strains of the influenza virus does not at all exclude infection with adenovirus.

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The causative agent of adenovirus infection is characterized by vewith a significant degree of stability in the external environment, which leads to a high contagiousness of the disease. In this regard, outbreaks are not uncommon in preschool institutions. At room temperature, adenoviruses can survive for up to two weeks. The virus is able to withstand half an hour of heating and repeated freezing; it dies only when boiling and when processing a room with an ultraviolet lamp.

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